Stripped bare

Hello Blooms, First and foremost I just want to thank you all for the positive feedback we received on the previous post. It was the first collaborative submission piece (multiple contributors), and it was awesome being able to use this blog as a way to express both my own experiences, alongisde those of others. Being able to coherently express my feelings, [...]

An Invite: To Our Body Positivity Research

Dear Blooms, 🌷   As a writer and mental health activist, my passion for promoting the reality of specific issues we in society face, has led me to focus on particular issues in my work; which I've had the pleasure of sharing with you all! However another passion of mine regards research; particularly that based around my interests. Therefore, I have [...]

The Mighty F! Living w/ Fibromyalgia: Part 2

Hello lovelies! 🌱 If you haven't already read part one, I advise you to do so if you want a greater insight into fibromyalgia - however, this post is dedicated to discussing flourishing within the bounds of the condition, whilst breaking barriers which previously seemed unbeatable. Nevertheless I am as thankful as always for the readers of Bud to Bloom.  Lori [...]

Up Sh*t Creek Without a Paddle

My granddad always used to ask the rhetorical question, "what do they mean when they say "'life is like a bowl of cherries'?" At a young age I wasn't sure, and didn't search for the metaphorical meaning. But now, after having experienced many emotional hardships, and forming a greater understanding of life's unexpected suprises - I get it... Sometimes, life can [...]

Misogyny and a Female’s Self-Perception

misogyny mɪˈsɒdʒ(ə)ni/ noun dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. "she felt she was struggling against thinly disguised misogyny" In honour of March being the official International Month of Women, I shall be dedicating blog posts to the topics regarding female empowerment and societal inequalities for women. However in this post, I shall be discussing how misogyny impacts women's [...]

The Conflict Between Disorders and Beliefs

belief bɪˈliːf/ noun plural noun: beliefs trust, faith, or confidence in (someone or something)   Mental health is undoubtedly complex, as it's unique to each and every individual, it effects their own unique interpretations, routine and memories. It warps behaviours and seeps into the cracks that are our pre-existing morals and beliefs; cracks created by the destructiveness of disorder. I myself have [...]

An Indisputable: The Worth of One’s Self

Society is fixated with numerical values, to clearly identify somethings attainability or quality. Our modern day culture has moved away from simplicity and certain aspects of practicality, as materialism and vanity is embedded into societal ideology. As our society has progressed over time, the pressure that is amongst us to be this perfect person is oftentimes suffocating, one who's always 'put [...]