Ways I Make My Self Care Accessible

Relaxation and reframing productivity As I get older I find I need more time to myself to unwind and relax, otherwise I feel like I'm figuratively climbing the walls. There is a lot of societal pressure be productive, even though it's unable to keep up with the standards set by society without reaching burn out at some point. But as disabled folx we can't keep up and yet we feel we have to meet these expectations or exceed them to over compensate due to the belief we have to "make up for" the fact we're disabled. However this is internalised ableism talking, we don't have to make up for anything we enough as we are, and our worth isn't dependent on how stereotypically productive we are. Besides, productivity looks different for everyone - and in my opinion if you're looking after yourself, this is a form of productivity which is worthy of acknowledgement and self praise just as much as the additional stuff. So if you want to watch netflix to unwind, it's just as productive as unwinding with some yoga or taking a walk if the results are as effective, but we have to do what our energy levels dictate as opposed to what we perceive is expected of us.

Valentine Gifts for Spoonies

Valentine's day is approaching, and whether you choose to celebrate it or not - either that be with a partner, or put a platonic twist on it and have a fun filled day to celebrate your love for your best friend, it's always nice to ensure you have put thought and effort into the way you choose to share your love and affection. I like to think I'm a good gift giver, and I absolutely love celebratory holidays, therefore I thought it wise to share some suggestions I have for a fellow spoonie in your life, with an emphasis on independent businesses.

So your friend’s disabled…

I am aware that the vast majority of people who have been actively engaging with my content, are involved in the chronic illness/disabled community - and like every single disabled/less abled person I've had the pleasure of talking with, I have experienced difficulties navigating interabled friendships and relationships in the past, purely because of the lack of understanding, and societal ableism which resides in those who haven't had personal experience with disability prior to the friendship.

Calling all disabled babes!

I write today regarding my project, which aims to provide a platform for individuals to join the conversation about sexuality and sexual health as a disabled person; as there is a significant lack of disabled representation in discussions surrounding these topics. Sexual wellbeing and owning our sexuality is just as important as any other aspect of health and wellness[...]

Needing a carer from a sick person’s perspective | ME Association

Hello, my name’s Lori- AKA ‘Bud to Bloom’, a UK based disability, and mental health blogger living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, ME, and a host of other comorbidities.  My journey with chronic illness started at age 13, and like many spoonie warriors it appeared to come from nowhere.  However after a few years I was [...]