“Disabled people have sex?”

In March and April I had the amazing opportunity to write blog posts for Intimately - an accessible and inclusive underwear company. Both posts centred around sex with disability - the first about embracing one's sexuality with a disability, and the second about navigating sex with disability. Photo credit: Hannah Todd Photography This blog post [...]

The EDS Chronicles: Losing trust in professionals (2/2)

Dear Blooms, Towards the end of December, I published a blog post concerning my experiences with professionals and why I have lost trust in so many of them. Today, I wish to finish this two-part edition to The EDS Chronicles. In part one I mentioned briefly that I shall cover ensuring professional accountability and the [...]

Gene me up Scotty

Hello Blooms, Firstly, I wish to take a moment to thank the individuals who reached out and said such positive things about my last blog post, Journaling and Riding the Depression Wave (w/ exercises). Secondly, you'll be pleased to know storm Doris has come to an end and it goes without saying I am beyond [...]