How to support creators

Hello lovelies,

As I get back on my feet (or wheels so to speak), I feel it to be even more pressing to share ways to support creators -in particular disabled creators; as the social media algorithms appear to be either inadvertently or intentionally targeting the community.


Without audience engagement, you are much less likely to show up on a follower’s home page – therefore it’s vital to ensure you like and comment on creators posts – it shows the creator that you appreciate their work, agree with the sentiment behind the post, and want to share your opinion on the topic.

Saving posts and sharing them either in DM’s, on other social media platforms, or on your story helps boost posts and increase audience reach and help grow followers.

You can turn notifications on across different platforms, however on Instagram you can do this by clicking the ‘following’ button a creator’s profile, and selecting ‘notifications’ in the menu to set your preferences. This means you are much more likely to be made aware that a creator has posted content, and you’re not solely relying upon your main feed.


Many creators share their work across different platforms to grow a larger audience, and abide by the different terms of service for each platform. So make sure to ask the person where you can support their content. If you can afford to, and you value their artist’s work, please consider enquiring about ways to contribute – either in the form of a Patreon, Ca$happ, Venmo, etc


Crediting creators is very important, if you download artwork to share on your page, or on other accounts, you must ask the creator if this is okay as it’s their intellectual property. Please credit the creator clearly in tags, the description and don’t crop their watermark out of the content.



This of course is optional, however I would be greatly appreciative if you value my work for disability advocacy, and wish to support me in this way.


Patreon – Bud to Bloom

My Instagram

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