Accessing my content – changes in 2021

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Hello my lovelies,

As you may know if you have read my recent blog post titled ‘politicizing disabled bodies’ you will have learned that Instagram removed my original budtobloom account, something which has been a harsh blow, and difficult situation to navigate as an up and coming creator in the online space. The recent changes to Instagram’s TOC’s, and the actions they have taken to censor content by creators such as myself, and other body positive, disabled, mental health awareness advocates, have made it blatantly apparent that I can no longer discuss topics such as disabled sexuality on Instagram, however this doesn’t mean I will be silenced; hence why I am making changes to how I share my content in 2021.

Firstly, I want to take the opportunity to once again thank the incredible people who have supported my work over the past few years, whether that be via my blog, networking with me on social media, or collaborating with me to promote disabled diversity in the lingerie modelling space. You have helped me find such fulfillment, and your encouragement, kind words, and inspiration has been essential for me to have continued doing what I love through tough times.

This work will continue, and shall you wish to join me in this journey off piste of the conventional, I would have the utmost gratitude – because it really is my passion and happy place. Below I have listed the ways you can support me as a creator, free of cost.

I will continue to upload content on Instagram – click here to see my new account.


I have created a Patreon to allow me to share the content in the tiers shown below.

Official Patron

£1 per month

  • The monthly patron-only newsletter – providing BTS updates about my content, and an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming blog posts
  • Exclusive monthly blog post – two blog posts per month which you can only find on Patreon
  • Personalised thank you a message to show my gratitude for you supporting my work
  • Patron-only newsletter
  • Thank you message
  • Exclusive monthly blog post

VIP Tier

£5 per month
The VIP tier is an NSFW tier, in which I will share content which can’t be found on Instagram or any other platform. You will also receive the benefits included in the entry tier.
What this gives you access to:

  • Monthly patron-only newsletter 
  • Monthly blog post – exclusive to Patreon subscribers 
  • Personalised thank you message

NSFW content

  • Weekly uncensored lingerie OR semi-nude image.
  • Ability to request images (only available for VIP Patrons – additional cost required if the benefit is accessed).

This blog

Upon this blog I shall be making a topical monthly post, and if I have the spoons, bonus blog posts may be uploaded, hence why it is so important to follow my blog so you receive email notifications alerting you that I have published content, which is delivered directly to your inbox.

The mental health resources which I have created will be reuploaded and accessible in my Instagram highlights, and in the coming days I shall also create a photo folder which can be viewed here on the blog. Downloadable versions will be available publicly on my Patreon.

I love you all,

Lori x

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