Calling all disabled babes!

Hello Blooms,

Sorry for my lack of social media presence, and blog posts recently. I truly haven’t prioritised the blog, however if you wish to understand why, or gain some context, I urge you to visit me on instagram. Even though there are much more pressing and important discussions to be had regarding the treatment of minority groups, this post comes prior to a blog post regarding these topics, but again I encourage you to visit my Instagram, as I have spent my usable hours by using my larger platform to share educational information and art by BIPOC content creators.

Therefore please visit the National Resources List to discover ways to educate yourself as an ally of BIPOC communities, and how to support the community.

I write today regarding my project, which aims to provide a platform for individuals to join the conversation about sexuality and sexual health as a disabled person; as there is a significant lack of disabled representation in discussions surrounding these topics. Sexual wellbeing and owning our sexuality is just as important as any other aspect of health and wellness, so it’s essential to amplify the voices within our community so we can diversify the conversation – and empower one another in doing so.

Therefore, I wish to take this opportunity to invite those interested in learning more about the project, to contact me (linked below). Upon emailing I shall send you a project brief, followed by a participant declaration form shall you wish to join in this opportunity.

In the past, I have written blog posts for Intimately – a disability inclusive lingerie company – regarding sex and disability – and how my relationship with my own sexuality and sexual expression was influenced by the lack of representation within these discussions, my internalised ableism, and the relationship I had with myself.

• Read – Sense and Sexuality: Chronic Illness Edition

• Read – Between the Sheets – Navigating Sex and Disability

Furthermore, I have written and published multiple blog posts here on Bud to Bloom on the topic of relationships and sexuality with disability, so if you wish to read more of my work regarding this subject to get a taste for my writing style prior to deciding whether to reach out for information about the project, then please do so!

I hope to hear from you concerning this opportunity, in which your contribution shall be fully credited and promoted to my audience.

Lori x

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