Head above water – where I’ve been

Hello Blooms,

We can all agree that during these troubling and confusing times that life seems to be stuck in this weird realm; it feels like each day is melting into the next, yet with the rush of new information we’re ingesting each day it feels like things are moving incredibly quick.

I can empathise with everyone experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, and the sense of emptiness – especially those who had mental illness prior to lockdown; like myself.

However I think it’s important to adapt self-care routines to your new way of life, as social isolation is a total change of pace and space for most of us, so upholding these routines and modifying them to address our new state of mind is a must.

For me, I am managing okay in the grand scheme of things – and my routines haven’t changed all that much, however I have found my ME has deteriorated because of the stress, my (unrelated) elevated pain levels, and subsequent insomnia. So I opted to download a VPN, access as much Netflix as I wanted, take a break from blogging to accomodate my prolonged brain fog, whilst still ensuring I was doing something I enjoyed other than watching TV; so I took up sewing – making bandanas for my dog and a bunting garland for our backyard, so that we can sit in the sunshine as a family in due course.

I hope to get back to blogging more soon, but I’m struggling with chronic fatigue and oftentimes debilitating brain fog, so it may take some time before I get back in the saddle so to speak. Although this doesn’t mean I’m completely inactive, as I enjoy social media and creating content whenever I can – so if you’re interested to see what I have been up to recently you can visit my Instagram page.

Sending love and warm virtual hugs your way,

Stay safe

Lori x

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