Blooms recommended: The Worst Day of My Life — Brown Sugar & Sazon

CW: child loss

Hi Blooms,

In today’s recommended post I wish to share another post by Brown Sugar & Sazon (Asya). In this post she has such palpable resilience and strength, sharing a painful and traumatic event which occurred, the loss of her unborn child. As someone who has never endured this pain, I can only imagine how truly devastating this must have been. However I have experienced trauma, and as Asya so beautifully put, when gearing up to the anniversary of her traumatic event, she is experiencing an internalisation of all of this pain and fear. It goes without saying that I love Asya’s writing style, and how eloquently she manages to convey her story; no matter how painful, and I would highly advise anyone who wishes to follow her blog to do so, but certainly check her out – by visiting the link to the aforementioned blog post below. I’m sending Asya all of my love and gentle hugs during this difficult time,

Lori x

Hey ya’ll ! Hope you all are indulging in positive energy. If not, I’m sending some your way! Today’s post isn’t going to be like the others, so if you’re looking for some inspiration today I can’t promise that you’ll find it here. I can promise though that I’m going to tell you a story […]

via The Worst Day of My Life — Brown Sugar & Sazon

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