Mental Health Double Standards

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Why do we respect suffering in silence; not wanting to ‘trouble’ anyone with a so-called problem? Why do we expect this of ourselves yet encourage other people to talk to us about anything that is on their mind? We are upholding the negative stereotypes we are actively trying to dismantle in the minds of others – all in efforts to benefit their mental health!

How have I known this deep down but still people-pleased my ass in situations where I could have from asking for help or talking about my problems, but hated the notion that people should – and still frigging done it?!


I used to fear upsetting people or bothering them by talking to them about my mental state, now it’s no longer fear and more of a self-sabotage button I accidentally wheel over. What people seem to sometimes forget (myself included), is that you need to constantly engage in a behavioural practice otherwise it’ll slip. It’s like mindfulness in the sense that you stop practising it, you’ll lose the benefits.

Feeding into this mentality caused me to value someone else’s mental health more than my own and I didn’t even consciously realise I was doing this until I heard the dreaded “I don’t want to bother you” leave my lips.

If people don’t like you being honest and open about your mental health, they aren’t worth your time.

My reason for writing this post was simple yet complex, as it concerns mental health and the holiday period which is a time that people with mental illness often experience stress, low mood, anxiety and sometimes relapse. Even though I’m a tonne better than what I was this time last year, I still feel low at times. So I’m really trying to exercise the belief that we have to work together to chip away at this mentality by talking about how we feel with those around us whom we trust.

I encourage you to do the same.


I recently reached 500 followers on Instagram and I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you who has come over from Instagram. Now the blog is falling way behind in comparison, so I challenge y’all to create a WordPress account and follow my blog to help me produce more free content for you guys.

Lori x

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