An Invite: To Our Body Positivity Research

Dear Blooms, 🌷


As a writer and mental health activist, my passion for promoting the reality of specific issues we in society face, has led me to focus on particular issues in my work; which I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with you all!

However another passion of mine regards research; particularly that based around my interests. Therefore, I have created a project which I am so excited to share with you gorgeous people.


Our project…


I have made an online survey to determine the statistical differences between demographics within society, which could influence how we perceive the body positivity movement, and our self-image.

After the survey has received 100+ responses, I shall analyse the data sets – which may sound boring, but DAMN I’m excited to share the results with you all.


Therefore, I pass the torch onto you beautiful blooms for now, as I couldn’t do this without you loves, as this is a project to share our voice as a collective.

Click here to be lead to the SurveyMonkey page containing the survey information and questions.

DISCLAIMER: The data contrived is anonymous, and all information collected via the survey is in compliance with the Data Protection Act.


pizap (5)

Sending love and hugs,

Lori x


Daily reminder: You’re enough, you always will be enough, and people who are worth it  understand that

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