Cisgender Privilege: Why It’s Important to Ensure Trans Inclusivity in Feminism

As a follower of the feminism movement and an active supporting member, I’ve seen the acceptance and celebration of women in support for their rights and freedom.

However, I’ve also noticed in certain radical subgroups of ‘feminism’ that the rights of transgender women are being contested, as certain individuals do not class cis and trans women as equals, or deserving of the same entitlements and respect; as to them they’re still biologically male. As they believe this to be true, it provokes the desire to alienate the trans community, as they believe males shouldn’t have an active part in feminism – for whatever reason.

By having the same ideology, it limits the possibilities for transgender women to be equally regarded in feminism and society, which not only would provide a richer meaning and sense of unity in the movement, but would empower trans women to fight for their rights as equals.

Cis privilege

noun: privilege; plural noun: privileges
a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.


Due to the difference between the transgender community and the cisgender community in the levels of societal oppression and unlawful deprivation, is makes the trans community a minority.
This exact minority oppression of women, the deprivation of rights and chance of employment were the exact things that the feminism movement was founded in order to combat, the ideology that we contested, and continue to do so.
Therefore, regarding trans women as any different in terms of our entitlement to rights, or fighting for transgender exclusion to provoke a false stigma and connotation to use to strengthen cis privilege is idiosyncratic, ironic and nonsensical.
As limiting and determining feminism advocation to our genitalia or chromosomes over our gender identity puts boundaries in place for the present and future of feminism.
What is the point of supporting the feminism movement if you do not believe in gender equality (for all genders and gender reassignment), as this is what feminism is.
What is the point if you disregard the message of feminism in favour of maintaining and exploiting cisgender privilege?
Just to reiterate, the subgroups of radical ‘feminists’ are less common than acceptance and empowerment of the trans-community within non-radicals.
And this is extremely important in ensuring humanity in politics and social justice, and for the ethical environment to be mentally strong and confident.
After all, we are all human – and all as worthy.
The lack of these rights and the presence of negative perceptions/stigma towards the trans community has it’s price.

What Do I Do if I Have Experienced Transphobia?

If you have experienced transphobia in the U.K., contact the police and express your concerns; as gender reassignment is covered under the Equality Act (2010). Remember this is a hate crime, because it’s hate speech – which is not protected under free speech.
Make sure you are heard, if not – file a complaint or take issues up with social services.
The Beaumont Society
The Beaumont Society

Information Line (24/7/365) 01582 412220

“The Beaumont Society operates a national 24 / 7 information line. This information line contains the telephone numbers of all the societies regional organisers who are available to speak to for advice, details of where to go for a good night out – even a friendly ear to listen.”


Writing this blog post has been cathartic, as I myself have a close friend in the trans community, and I can see the emotional and physical affects that transphobia and the lack of governmental support, has on them.

This needs to change.

And it will with support and allies to fight alongside the trans community.

Use your privileges for the better.

With love and hugs,

– Lori x

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