An Indisputable: The Worth of One’s Self

Society is fixated with numerical values, to clearly identify somethings attainability or quality.

Our modern day culture has moved away from simplicity and certain aspects of practicality, as materialism and vanity is embedded into societal ideology.

As our society has progressed over time, the pressure that is amongst us to be this perfect person is oftentimes suffocating, one who’s always ‘put together’, who looks ‘the part’, someone who’s motivated, social and charismatic. Therefore due to this self-pressurising, self-deprecating society, many of us have a different opinion of one’s own worth. One’s self-worth. We assign the belief that an individual’s worth has a minimum and a maximum ‘value’, as if our worth is but a set of bounds in an algebraic equation.

We oftentimes perceive our self-worth as something that is determined by the attitudes of others in response to ourselves, by our personal achievements, by meeting our unreasonably over-inflated self-expectations, or our appearance – whether it’s in accordance to current trends and our cultural preferences on areas such as height and dress size.

But why judge your own worth on someone else’s dictations, or by the desired ‘look’ that social media idolises and promotes? Why would it be called self-worth if you weren’t the one dictating with morality and principality what should be accepted?

You are your own person.

You are your own representation.

The desire that you have for others to widely accept what we’re told to regard as ‘imperfections’ doesn’t matter, because those that judge others in such a manner have a warped view of what beauty is.

Henceforth, their opinion in regard to your worth, your appearance, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, fashion style; it’s irrelevant.

The only thing that is worthLESS is the loveLESSness that is represented in society.

You are worthy, never forget that.

With love and hugs,

-Lori x


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