An Introduction

cherry blossom for blog post

Starting a blog has always been a back thought in my mind, something I thought was a possibility, but the desire to digitally vocalise my internal thoughts, feelings, emotions, and inner turmoil was an indicator to me that a blog would be beneficial to structure my state of mind.

But first, before I plan and produce themed posts, an introduction is necessary.

My nickname is Lori, a 17-year-old student with a passion for medical science, politics, literature and psychology; which links in very nicely with the themes that shall be present here on this blog.

Within recent years, my mental health has declined alongside my physical wellbeing, which have little correlation, which is surprising. However the experiences that I’ve encountered in my life certainly have had a negative impact on my mental state. Although, despite the fears, doubts and relentless numbness that I experience, the pain, loss and frustration that has been, has not prevented me from reaching a place within certain aspects of my life which have never been better. So the capacity for positive change is within me, the desire to heal is present, it just takes time and expertise to fix the wounds that are.

Which is one of the main reasons that I am sitting here writing this today, to document the positive change, along with the hurdles and challenges that shall occur along the way, as they’re only challenges to build emotional resilience. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t want to empower those similar to me along the way, although I’m not going to make an effort to focus on numbers, at all. They do not matter to me. The words that are inspired by the feelings that are dominant in my mind, at the forefront of my being – is what matters.

And I’m excited to begin expressing my passions in a literary manner. A place to empower myself, and reflect on my progress.

You’re invited on my journey. I look forward to meeting you…

Love, Lori x

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